The Carpenters Arms, Fitzrovia

The Carpenters Arms in Fitzrovia, conveniently located just off Tottenham Court Road in-between Warren Street and Goodge Street station, is a very British pub with all its ups and downs. They sell a nice selection of ales and lagers as well as some decent wines and cocktails. The food menu is clearly aimed at students from nearby UCL with meaty and filling pub dishes and a very reasonably priced sandwich menu for lunch.

To put some icing on the cake, The Carpenters Arms has a lovely roof terrace tucked away from the buzz of Tottenham Court Road so you get to enjoy some peace and quiet here. Patio heaters make sure you don’t get cold during your night out but make sure you arrive early as the place gets pretty packed once the clock hits beer o’clock.

Carpenters Arms Rooftop

Of course none of this is particularly new or groundbreaking but if you’re in for a solid British pub serving traditional pub grub and an excellent selection of drinks then this is for you.


How To Visit London The Right Way (Part One)

Not trying to sound too presumptuous, only talking plainly from personal experience… Tourists, visiting parents or friends, looking to use the opportunity of a free place to crash and tick the box ‘Got smashed in London’, have their own little plan in mind.

  1. Oxford Street (mainly Primark)
  2. Piccadilly Circus (with no basic understanding why… oh, the big screen. Well, it’s off at the moment)
  3. Leicester Square (cinemas…?)
  4. Covent Garden (I read the book once, about the homeless and his cat and I think it was based here…)
  5. Big Ben (to take THE picture)
  6. London Eye (with an adorably optimistic hope to actually get on it. As it ever happens)
  7. One of the clubs that celebrities go to. (No comments)

Little do they know… Living here for four years now, let me present you the ultimate one-day London tour, improved and approved by us & ClubCat.

First stop – Greenwich.

Being a little bit more remote from the center, it is the perfect place to start your tour. Getting off at the Cutty Start and Maritime Museum station and heading down to the river-path, there is your first surprise. You will see…
Going further down, you reach the historical University of Greenwich. Breathtaking. Make sure you visit the painted hall where Jonny Depp was dancing on the table in the fourth part of Pirates of Caribbean. Also, pop into the magnificent chapel (which is a part of the actual university!)
Not to mention that there are at least a few great maritime museums around, saving the precious time of the best day of your life, not strolling down to the Greenwich Market would be a significant loss.
Pancakes, pumpkins, and lasagna; Jamaican, Vietnamese and Italian – you name it, it’s there. Old stuff – new stuff and creative stuff. Little treasure box. Don’t get too lost and spend all day there!
Pick up a calzone and some mini pancakes with Nutella and head straight to the bIMG_0384eautiful Greenwich Park. Why is it better than the famous Hyde Park?

Where do I start… Despite the breathtaking scenery, it has so much more to offer. Rose gardens, tennis courts, and even deers! The highlight is the Greenwich observatory. Testing your endurance by claiming up the hill, you can reach the famous Greenwich Meridian timeline. (Yes, you can feel the time stops there… Technically, it does.) The view that opens up is something indescribable. The panorama view stretching all the way from London Eye to the O2 Arena.
Greenwich Park is the last stop before your next destination…

ClubCat Tip: Oliver’s Jazz Bar is the hidden gem you MUST visit when you in Greenwich the next time. In the evening. Trust the ClubCat. It knows best.

Stay tuned!


Happy New Semester!!

Happy Freshers' Week! Good Start into the Semester!  (Comic by Sarah See Andersen)

Happy Freshers’ Week! Good Start into the Semester!
(Comic by Sarah See Andersen)


…..and welcome back to this blog! I’ve been quiet for more than a year and I don’t even have an excuse for it. Things were just hectic with work, uni and lots of stuff to do, but here I am, back and ready to blog! While I’m still updating the ‘Pub of the Month’ section I’ll also post some tips for the weekend later today, so it’s worth checking back later on if you’re still unsure about what to do over the next 2 days!

For now I hope all of you have passed a great summer and had a good first week back at uni; I wish all of you a lovely Friday – to all German readers, happy Day of German Unity!


…. und willkommen zurück auf diesem Blog! Über ein Jahr lang habe ich nichts geschrieben und ich habe noch nicht einmal eine gute Entschuldigung dafür. War einfach zu viel los mit Arbeit, Uni und allem, was man so zu tun hat, aber jetzt bin ich zurück und bereit zum bloggen! Während ich die ‘Pub des Monats’ Sparte überarbeite, packe ich hier im Laufe des Tages außerdem ein paar Tips fürs Wochenende rein, es lohnt sich also, später nochmal vorbeizuschauen, falls ihr noch nicht sicher seid, was ihr die nächsten zwei Tage so anstellen sollt.

Fürs Erste hoffe ich, ihr habt alle einen großartigen Sommer verbracht und hattet eine tolle erste Woche zurück an der Uni. Ich wünsche euch allen einen wundervollen Freitag – und alle deutschen Leser einen schönen Tag der Deutschen Einheit!


The BNY Mellon Boat Race

Happy white Chris…. er, Eastern everyone!
Fröhliche weiße Weih… Äh, Ostern euch allen!

Too cold
Although it’s hilariously cold in London, the sun is shining and it’s a lovely day so far! The annual and widely known boat race between the universities of Cambridge and Oxford on the river Thames takes place today! Start off is 4.30 PM at Putney Bridge but there are loads of other places around the course where you can watch plus many, many activities and games for young and old and lovely pubs and cafés if it gets too cold on the outside! What a nice opportunity to have a stroll along the river!

Obwohl es extrem kalt draußen ist, scheint wenigstens die Sonne in London und es ist ein schöner Tag, zumindest bis jetzt! Das jährliche und weithin bekannte Boat Race zwischen den Rudermannschaften der Universitäten Cambridge und Oxford auf der Themse findet heute statt. Beginn ist 16.30 Uhr an der Putney Bridge, aber es gibt noch viele, weitere gute Brücken und Parks entlang der Strecke, von wo aus man das Geschehen verfolgen kann, außerdem viele, viele Events und Spiele, die für Jung und Alt organisiert werden und eine Menge netter Pubs und Cafés, falls es doch draußen zu kalt werden sollte! Was für eine schöne Gelegenheit, um mal wieder einen Spaziergang am Fluss zu unternehmen…

Beautiful Oxford is always worth visiting! What a lovely post and great pictures – made me want to go there so badly! Looking forward to being back in the UK soon to visit inspiring Oxford!

Was für ein schöner Text und tolle Bilder von der alten Universitätstadt Oxford! Der Besuch ebendes Pubs, in dem die berühmten Schriftsteller C.S Lewis und J.R.R. Tolkien einst über ihre Werke, Religion, Philosophie und das Leben diskutierten, die altehrwürdigen Universitätsgebäude – ich hätte große Lust auf einen adventlichen Trip nach Oxford. Freue mich schon sehr darauf, bald wieder im Vereinigten Königreich zu sein und solche Touren selbst zu unternehmen…


Puntin boats!

Last weekend Andy and I took a stroll around on of the most famous Universities in the world. It was the most lovely day. Cold, clear, and sunny. We started out the afternoon with a mulled wine at The Eagle and Child pub. The pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken would go every Tuesday to talk about literature, theology, and the books they were currently writing. It is an incredible and cosy pub that I would love to be able to go to regularly. I just kept imagining all the conversations that must have taken place over those old wooden tables 🙂

After that we started walking through all the old colleges. The buildings are so incredible with so much time and energy put into the architecture. The buildings are just exceptional. Again, imagining all the conversations and lectures that must have occurred in those buildings! The weather was perfect and so…

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