Beautiful Oxford is always worth visiting! What a lovely post and great pictures – made me want to go there so badly! Looking forward to being back in the UK soon to visit inspiring Oxford!

Was für ein schöner Text und tolle Bilder von der alten Universitätstadt Oxford! Der Besuch ebendes Pubs, in dem die berühmten Schriftsteller C.S Lewis und J.R.R. Tolkien einst über ihre Werke, Religion, Philosophie und das Leben diskutierten, die altehrwürdigen Universitätsgebäude – ich hätte große Lust auf einen adventlichen Trip nach Oxford. Freue mich schon sehr darauf, bald wieder im Vereinigten Königreich zu sein und solche Touren selbst zu unternehmen…


Puntin boats!

Last weekend Andy and I took a stroll around on of the most famous Universities in the world. It was the most lovely day. Cold, clear, and sunny. We started out the afternoon with a mulled wine at The Eagle and Child pub. The pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken would go every Tuesday to talk about literature, theology, and the books they were currently writing. It is an incredible and cosy pub that I would love to be able to go to regularly. I just kept imagining all the conversations that must have taken place over those old wooden tables 🙂

After that we started walking through all the old colleges. The buildings are so incredible with so much time and energy put into the architecture. The buildings are just exceptional. Again, imagining all the conversations and lectures that must have occurred in those buildings! The weather was perfect and so…

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